About Us

kae.me /’kai.me/  verb “Akan phrase for ‘forget me not’, Remember Me

Kaeme is an indigenous Ghanaian cosmetic company specializing in premium quality shea butter and liquid black soap. Our products are handmade from raw, unrefined shea butter and authentic black soap sourced from a women’s cooperative in Northern Ghana. We also use a selection of pure carrier and essential oils to create distinct product ranges which are free from chemicals, additives or dyes.

At Kaeme, we believe in excellent skincare and make each product with love to hydrate, nourish and protect your skin. Our shea butter and liquid black soap are available in a captivating array of scents that offer a variety and a luxurious experience. We also offer unscented products (for sensitive skin or as a fragrance-free alternative.) Feeling adventurous? Scroll to our “My Kaeme” section to create a unique scent for yourself or a loved one.

You will not forget how good Kaeme feels on your skin or how much it delights your senses every time you use it. We know this because we feel the same way too.

Kaeme – Made with Love